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cartoon © Wil Walker

Radio Ads... Wil Walker

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You might try me out, initially, with one or two Radio Ad Scripts, on a “don’t use don’t pay” basis.

After working for in-house commercial producers and studios, I've spent the last several decades providing thousands and thousands of radio commercial scripts... in all styles, from serious or hard-sell... to stylish or sophisticated... to humorous or oddball... reliably and on-time, for many stations and suppliers, all over the UK.

‘National’ ads... or ‘unique’ projects... can be agreed on an individual basis.


My most popular ‘deal’, though, is to write via email... using the supplied brief from a station/agency contact. When working this way, I have a set low fixed-fee for Radio Ad Scripts to be broadcast on ‘one’ local UK station... with discounts, if the same ad is to be used on additional stations.

As well as offering extra money-off for bulk orders of ten scripts or more, I can offer big discounts if you send me ten or more scripts within a calendar month... so, keep me in mind for when your own in-house writer succumbs to a nasty bout of having to sneak off to the local football derby or Zumba-class.

Contact me for further no-obligation... hey we’re just enquiring to see if you’re better/cheaper/more-reliable-and-experienced than our current scribe... kinda-thing details:

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cartoon © Wil Walker

Look... here's me standing next to a genuine celebrity, when I won my BBC Genius Trophy... yes, be impressed.

cartoon © Wil Walker
Radio Ad Writing - Wil Walker

10 Marketing Straplines Which Might Fall Flat... © Wil Walker


- Porky Pete's Personal Meat Products... we've a finger in every pie we make.

- Lacklustre Advertising Co... we couldn't do better if we tried.

- Self-flipping Pancake Mix... You needn't give a toss.

- Vasilav's Budget Vasectomy Clinic... a snip at half the price.

- Restaurant Staff Bureau... we'll keep you waiting.

- Lo-Standard Manufacturing plc... think of us when it's make or break.

- Premature Logistics... tomorrow's deliveries today.

- Nothing But Collagen Treatment Inc... you're just paying for lip service.

- Local Army Catering Corp... the mess on your doorstep.

- Well-spread Investment Brokers... join us as we dally in hedges.

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